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The Human Health Organization is creating an ecosystem of smart, connected devices that deliver molecules, sense molecules, and communicate data about these molecules through connected apps. This data is integrated into systems run by Human OS to give us deeper understanding of the world within us and around us.
Human Health Organization also currently sells masks, gloves, and test kits. To learn more, visit or click on the products below.

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Improve the human condition through the development of consumer technologies that advance human health and quality of life.




John Cameron


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Ian Barter

Brother to filmmaker James Cameron, John served with distinction in the USMC and received an honorable discharge after six years with the rank of sergeant.

James Cameron said he was inspired to include Marines in his movie because of his brother’s own service in the Marine Corps. John David Cameron joined the Corps in 1985, fought in Operation Desert Storm and works as a consultant on the “Avatar” series of films.

In 1998 John and James Cameron formed a digital media company, which became Earthship Productions. The company produced live multimedia documentaries from the depths of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Projects included Last Mysteries of Titanic, Aliens of The Deep, and Ghosts of The Abyss. In 2001 produced the first dual high definition broadcast over the Internet.

John is currently the Founder of the Human Health Organization a company dedicated to living safer and healthier by investing in innovation, high-quality products and education. He has created a giant moat around the vaping world in order to protect people from the harmful effects of burned tobacco products and has created a company worth billions due to his intellectual property and patenting efforts. With over 100 patents produced under his watch, he focused heavily on consumer facing technologies that help make the world a better place.
Mr. Nils Lahr serves as Chief Technology Officer at Social Bet Inc. Mr. Lahr serves as the Chief Technology Officer of Ampliphy Inc. Mr. Lahr serves as the Chief Technology Officer of Orions Digital Technology, Inc. He serves as Advisor at Abacast, Inc. He is a highly active independent consultant who has worked as a leader in the Internet and Rich Media industries. He served as the Chief Technology Officer of iBEAM Broadcasting Corp. He has over 10 years’ experience in digital media as one of the pioneers of the Internet and streaming. He Co-founded iBEAM Broadcasting, which successfully completed an IPO in May 2000. He is a recognized technology leader and Co-Founder of 8 high-tech startups, he has spent the last 17 years driving some of the most advanced Internet and communication projects and solutions in the world as both lead architect and inventor.

He has been leading development at Orions Systems, a high-tech startup, and working on a groundbreaking new digital management framework focused on enabling CV and large data processing tasks. He has also been investing in and co-founding Synergy Sports Technologies. Additionally, as a key developer and strategist at VXtreme, he became one of the lead architects, developers and co-founder of the Windows Media solutions at Microsoft. He also worked at CNN America as the architect of their first fully digital studio and automated publishing platform. While at CNN, he also invented the world’s first live broadcast stock ticker. In addition to CNN and Microsoft, he has worked and consulted for numerous top companies in the world, including Bell Atlantic/Verizon Communications, Boeing, PCCW, The US Air Force, Fox News Broadcasting, CNET, Bloomberg Network, Warner Brothers, US Web, and Lucent Technologies just to name a few.

He was the Lead Architect and Inventor for James Cameron’s company, Earthship, leading a multi-million-dollar project to store and stream all of the rich media associated with his “Return to the Titanic” efforts. He is active in helping many of the top 50 venture capital companies as a consultant for reviewing technologies and providing comprehensive reviews on their defensibility and relevance within the marketplace. His unique background is perfect for these reviews, as he has worked at many startup companies as well as a few Fortune 50 businesses that have provided him with an advanced education in nearly all Internet and Rich Media computer technologies.

He also developed and launched CNN’s web presence while at CNNi. Before that, he was a lead programmer for Microsoft in the development of Windows Media Player and in developing the MPEG-4 standard. Mr. Lahr serves as a Director of RIPL Corp. and Orions Digital Technology, Inc. He served as Director at Abacast, Inc. He served as Member of Board of Advisors at MMRGlobal, Inc. In the last six months, Mr. Lahr has been working with the National Basketball Association (NBA). He has worked at Matrix Partners. As an EIR at Matrix, he has helped them review opportunities while also taking time to study their investment metho
Robert is a 24-year veteran in computer security, known to many in the industry by handle “RSnake”. Robert started his career at eBay, where he was responsible for authentication as well as most anti-fraud systems and anti-phishing technologies. His work at eBay was later built into every modern web browser and is now protecting every Internet user as a result.

After eBay, Robert started, a web security proving ground that had over twenty thousand hackers and security experts attacking it per day. His lab was at one point responsible for a third of all the top-ranked web vulnerabilities.

Robert later started a consulting company, SecTheory, where under contract he hacked into the back ends of over 2,100 banks, credit card processors, flight control systems, SCADA (water and power) control systems, and other security companies. During this time, Robert also built the most secure web application security hosting platform in the world at Falling Rock Networks, surviving over 15 million attacks in 8 years.

Most recently, Robert’s corporate intelligence platform, OutsideIntel, was acquired by Bit Discovery after which he became the CTO. Robert is also a floating CISO for multiple companies and sits on advisory boards of multiple technology and security companies such as Arkose Labs and Craxel. He is a frequent keynote speaker and is on the speaker selection committee for Blackhat and Hack in the Box.
Dr. Robert Zhang is specialized in the business creation, team building, corporate strategy crafting, and management. His leadership expertise and experience cover a broad range from global fortune 100 to start-up companies. His engagements have spanned various industries including investment, telecommunications (both services and equipment), Internet, R&D and product development, manufacturing, software, business services, business development, and supplier chain MGMT. Robert led and implemented China nationwide Frame Relay/ATM network. He led a team to accomplish a US$5B M&A and organization restructuring project associated with more than 100K employees crossing over 15 countries. He assisted more than a dozen of US based vendors and service providers to penetrate into China market, such as ACTNetworks, Inc., Seiko Communications, B.V., Sprint International, Global One Communications, Cascade Communications, Inc., Interstate Electronics Corporation, Harris Communications, etc.

Robert is executive managing director for Greenfield Capital Group and Strategic Partner for Sino-Euro Fund Group. He was Vice President of Alcatel Asia Pacific in charge of regional strategy, corporate development, and M&A and was founder and CEO for several start-up companies. He is serving as member of advisory board for half dozens of MNCs and public companies in north America and Asia Pacific region.

Robert received a Presidential and Key Executive MBA degree from Graziadio Business School, Pepperdine University, a Ph.D. and a M.S. in electric engineering from University of Southern California.
Innovative, motivational leader with diverse experience in building and rescuing (turnaround) high growth potential companies in different sectors internationally.

A track record of realising shareholder value, by creating, structuring, finding, funding and managing / overseeing businesses with high growth potential internationally using creative, capital efficient, advanced go-to-market and growth strategies.

A keen traveller, having been on all 7 continents (including 14 months in Antarctica), with a large international network.
Sean Norris is a Product and Business Development Executive, and Entrepreneur, with a demonstrated history of innovation management, strategic agility and creativity in the Tech, Healthcare, Service and Telecom-related industries.

Sean has worked for Human Health Organization for five years. Initially hired as a writer and producer, he jumped into manufacturing, and was soon running manufacturing for HHO in China for the next three years, spending over six months physically in China. He managed the development and manufacturing of all HHO products, including Jupiter, the world’s first vaping cellular phone. He was also instrumental in the creation and development of all vaping fluids. Assembled and edited Science Compendium for HHO.

Moving to Business Development, he created several major opportunities for HHO, including Chandaria Group distribution, Toonz Media content and distribution, Jesse James Mizu, Central Group (SE Asia) distribution, and Mercado Libre (South America) distribution partnership. Also created conceptual products like Boys and Girls Club Family phone, Concierge phone for AirBnB, and Human Kid Phone. Key member of Client Relations team.

He also developed numerous health focused projects, including VRTL Human (Health Diagnostics platform), VRTL Yogi (Mental Health platform), Tech with Ethics, and Prana vape fluid.

Most recently, Sean produced first digital Streamathon for the Special Olympics. He has also helped develop a diverse range of projects as Business Development and Strategic Advisor, including: Mars World theme park (Shanghai, Las Vegas), Expansion of Mozza Bakery into China, Beta Bar (p2p social platform) and Ghost Machine (AI driven content creation).

Sean developed his entrepreneurial and producing skills creating two successful bars and restaurants in Santa Monica that became central to community and the arts in Los Angeles for over 12 years. The second one, The Yard, featured the legendary Beer Freek events, and was touted by Pulitzer Prize winning writer Jonathan Gold as the epitome of LA dining scene in 2010.
Christopher Debiec is an award-winning writer/producer/executive with an impressive thirty-year track record in all aspects of the entertainment industry.

Born and raised in Reading, Pennsylvania, Chris began his film and television career in Orlando, Florida working on a wide variety of commercials, music videos, television programs and feature films. Some of his credits in Orlando include Sylvester Stallone’s Oscar and The Crow for Miramax.

In 1995 Chris relocated to Los Angeles to work on the film The Devil’s Advocate, followed by Mad City for Warner Brothers, The Out of Towners for Paramount Studios, and the ground breaking “first of its kind” live-action animation Dinosaur for Walt Disney Studios.

In November of 2000, Chris took on the most challenging project of his career to date. He spent five months in war torn, poverty-stricken Cambodia, as the Production Supervisor on Matt Dillon’s directorial film debut City of Ghosts for MGM/UA.

Chris had now cemented himself as a sought-after producer and from 2000-2005 he produced for Academy Award-winning writer/director/producer, James Cameron. Chris was tasked with

supervising both physical and post production for Cameron’s Earthship Productions. During his years with Earthship, the company produced the two-hour LIVE broadcast event entitled Last Mysteries of Titanic and the groundbreaking documentary Expedition: Bismarck for The Discovery Channel, as well as the 3D/HD IMAX films Aliens of the Deep & Ghosts of the Abyss for Walt Disney Pictures. Earthship was nominated for six Emmys with Chris and the team winning one for their production of Expedition: Bismarck.

In 2010 Chris shifted gears, looking for a new challenge he was recruited as Vice President of

Production at Entertainment One Television (eOne). He spearheaded the alternative programming division for all non-fiction show’s and pilots as well as the development of new projects for cable and network distributors such as Syfy, CW, WETV, BET, MTV, A&E, Discovery Channel, Oxygen and Fox Sports just to name a few. Chris was responsible for the successful development and execution of all pre-production, production, post production and master delivery of all eOne projects.

In 2017 Chris re-united with the Cameron family to create and executive produce a 2-hour

documentary for NBC Sports and the United States Olympic Committee (right before the Winter

Games) entitled - Scouting Camp: The Next Olympic Hopeful.

Currently, as CEO of newly formed Civilized Entertainment, Chris is building an award-winning studio focusing on the development and production of content directly related to Science, Technology, Environment, Art, Space, Expedition, Exploration, Medical and Historical Events.
Jessica is a seasoned Creative Executive whose experience ranges from high end fashion design to consumer product design and packaging. Jessica’s early work focused on fashion and illustration. Her costume design work included jobs for Old Navy, Microsoft, and Space X commercial spacesuit concepts. She also illustrated for companies like Disney, Warner Brothers, Clear Media, as well as Chloe, Sue Wong and MAC cosmetics.

She has worked for the Cameron family in various capacities over the last 6 years, starting with Safecig, and expanding into bigger roles with HHO and Alicorn Holdings. Starting off as a senior designer with HHO, she grew to Art Director, where she lead the Art Department in a far ranging list of endeavors, including: conceptualizing and finalizing branding, packaging/ prepress, investor presentations, informational graphics, web design, app design, print collateral, social media collateral, prototyping, bookbinding, product design, product photography, photo retouching, patent illustrations, costume design, and sewing.

The spectacular presentation decks from the HHO art team effectively hone the cutting edge concepts that drive the company’s mission into elegant, approachable visuals. These decks have been highly lauded from diverse and experienced clients and partners such as James Cameron, NASA, top tech and entertainment firms and international government leaders.
Ian Barter is an accomplished 3D artist, specializing in 3D modeling, product design, animation, and product prototyping. Ian started working for the Cameron family right after graduating at the top of his class at LA Film School.

At Safecig, Ian was responsible for creating 3D renderings of products for presentations, web design and product development. Moving forward to HHO, Ian expanded his work to conceptualizing products, and producing physical 3D models during early prototyping. He also produced web and app design through 3D modeling and animation.

Most recently, Ian created the physical design for the Micro, the Micro Breathing Box, the Misty, and the new Sensenet. Ian’s design work has given life and visual design to many of the products that have been developed at HHO over the last 5 years. He is also a very middling, but enthusiastic foosball player.

Finance & strategy


Finance & strategy


Patrick Dunn


Mark Pariser


Brett Ellen


Keanu Ellen


Joey Baldwin

Pat is the founding partner of Dunn, Pariser & Peyrot and is an expert in the art of business management, taxation and accounting. He devotes much of his attention to the unique business management and financial needs of entrepreneurs, corporate executives, professional service providers and their families, professional athletes and those in the entertainment industry.

Pat’s extensive practice serves individuals, family offices, and businesses by developing their financial goals first, which results in the best long-range business and personal decisions. His concept is to let the clients pursue their passions, interests, and entrepreneurial business opportunities within a system where there are financial controls, constant follow-up, and creative management ideas. He has helped develop multi-million-dollar businesses for his clients based on a simple idea. By listening to them as their trusted advisor, Pat has shown the ability to pull the essential components together to turn their idea into a self-sustaining business and help it grow. Pat is at his best and happiest when his clients are successful, and he has added value.

Pat believes that you must give back to the community through associations that make a difference. He encourages his entire firm to participate and it has become part of the company culture. He is a board member of several non-profit organizations which include an organization teaching drug education and prevention, a nationally recognized private school utilizing passion based learning and environmental consciousness and an organization which promotes and educates on technological advances in the 3D, virtual reality, augmented reality and other cutting-edge technologies. These volunteer opportunities enable Pat to interface with the community and build relationships to help serve the greater good.

Mark’s practice emphasizes the proactive management of the tax and financial affairs of a variety of people who work in film, television, music and technology. His clientele also includes touring acts, international executives and entrepreneurs, and other high net worth individuals and their businesses.

Mark sees his role as providing the peace of mind that allows his clients to focus on both their professional and personal interests while knowing that their financial matters are in good hands. Financial and business management is complicated, challenging and shifts constantly. Markets can be volatile; tax laws change, and risks exist today that did not exist just a few short years ago. Mark oversees his clients’ affairs by providing budgeting and cash flow planning as well as incorporating insurance review, estate and tax planning into his management activities.

Mark shares the firm’s belief in philanthropy and participates in the firm’s philanthropy committee which selects the charities the firm decides to sponsor. In addition, he works closely with Manifest Works, an organization dedicated to workforce development and job placement for those affected by foster care, homelessness and incarceration, to make sure they comply with the various tax rules that apply to charities.

Brett is Founder and CEO of American Financial Network Advisory Services, LLC, known widely as AFN. The company offers financial solutions to individual and corporate clients across North America, and specializes in financial planning, wealth and risk management, and the structuring of business entities for smooth and efficient operation from inception to dissolution. AFN works collaboratively with a range of respected legal, taxation, and banking professionals in the AFN Financial Solutions Alliance. Brett has been in the financial services industry for three decades, and is an active philanthropist, with a special interest in the physical, emotional, and financial health of families and children



Joon Kang

Joon Kang is a serial entrepreneur with a background in finance. From 1995 through 2001, he worked as a Corporate Financier with Mellon Bank and managed a credit portfolio of approximately $2.5 Billion in credit. He then joined Silicon Valley Bank in 1999 as a Vice President of Pacific Rim and helped numerous venture backed companies in Silicon Valley. Prior to H2O, he joined KW International in mid 2014 to spearhead a division called KW American Business Support Center. This division was created to support small and medium size brands to gain critical mass and help maximize their bottom line. Immediately after his arrival, he recognized the need for true supply chain financing for small and medium size companies who sell to mass retailers like Walmart. He introduced Seabury Trade Finance Platform which provided financial liquidity to support the brands/supplier.

Senior staff

Senior staff


Toya Ayala


Annika Pampel

For over 30 years Toya Blackshear Ayala has grown from an Entertainment Accounting Professional to an Accounting Human Resources Small to Medium Entrepreneurial Business Professional who assists her clientele in their growth and development in the ever evolving Marketplace. May that be in the Bricks in Mortar Retail environment or online Healthcare, Real Estate Development, Music, Marketing and Non-profit businesses, Toya has shaped, developed, consulted and controlled their Finances, Accounting, Human Resources and other operational needs as they’ve grown from infancy to mid-level brands. Where there is a need, Toya makes it possible.
Annika was born and raised in the former East- Germany. After her B.F.A. in Theater Directing, Annika received a Fulbright scholarship and a Masters in Film Directing at Savannah College of Art & Design.

Her last short 'Crossing Fences' had a successful festival run and acquired worldwide distribution. Her last feature script got her named one of the top 25 writers to watch in 2019 by the International Screenwriters Association.

Annika has been a part of projects as an actor such as 'Mob City', 'Counterpart', 'Watchmen', ' Jungle Cruise', and 'The Glorias' as an among others. Aside from being a filmmaker, Annika has worked for the Human Health Organization since 2015, starting an executive assistant, and has since worked her way up to VP of Production.