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Human Health Organization™

Mission Statement:

At the Human Health Organization™, we believe there is no better way to make everyday living safer and healthier than by investing in innovation, high-quality products, and education. Our faith in always finding a better alternative to even the most commonplace goods motivates us to create transparency in outdated conglomerates, meet industry challenges openly and head on, while developing the most advanced tech.

We pursue this mission one product at a time, starting with tobacco, the worst offender to human health in the existence of humankind. Six million lives per year globally will be saved if smokers switch to a healthier alternative. To that end, we have tirelessly worked toward creating an option that is not only convenient, but also appealing and affordable.

Our solution is high quality electronic cigarettes and the world’s most sophisticated vaporizers that allow smokers to escape crippling tobacco addiction while helping them to maintain a culture of prosperity.

Since then, we have expanded beyond our flagship products by entering into other arenas where invention and industry can birth noble profits while optimizing wellness. We’re not imposing a lifestyle, we’re promoting choice.

The backgrounds of our founders are as diverse as our ambitions. Inventors, entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, intellectual property specialists, and captains of industry have come together to discover the myriad fruits of their combined labors. In return, we call upon our customers to be not just consumers, but pioneers.


Our Founders

John Cameron

An inventor, painter, writer, and decorated combat veteran U.S. Marine, John has been founder and CEO of several organizations. His goal is to save six million lives per year from tobacco related disease.

Seamus Blackley

Trained as a musician and High Energy Physicist, Seamus founded and led the Xbox division of Microsoft. Seamus’ mission is to relentlessly apply technological solutions to the problem of eradicating tobacco-related deaths.

Dean Becker

A paging and wireless pioneer, Dean is the Vice Chairman of Equitable IP Holdings and former Chief Executive Officer of ICAP Patent Brokerage, managing operations in North America, Europe, and Asia. Under his leadership, ICAP Patent Brokerage has closed record-setting transactions in various industries, including cloud computing, social networking, smart cards, and consumer electronics.

Paul Rock

Paul is a Board of Director’s Trustee for the AATAC (Asian American Trade Association Council), and has held leadership positions in numerous successful entertainment and retail organizations.

Patrick Dunn

For over thirty years Pat has practiced public accounting and worked as a financial strategist, representing some of Los Angeles’ most successful individuals and organizations. He devotes much of his attention to the unique business management and financial needs of entrepreneurs, corporate executives, professional athletes, and those in the entertainment industry.

Robert Heggie

As Chief Merchant, Robert has held leadership roles in several iconic sales and retail organizations, most recently serving as Managing Director of HK Retail Concepts, an internationally recognized leader in non-traditional retail. Robert has offered counsel to many Fortune 500 companies including Target, Walmart, Toys R Us, Hudson’s Bay Company, GNC, Sears, Macy’s, US Military Exchanges and more.

H.A. Gilbert

As the inventor and patent holder of the very first Electronic Cigarette in 1963, H.A. serves on the Patent and Development team for the Human Health Organization. He is proud to be a part of H2O team and the launch of their 1963® brand, an homage to his invention.